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Provisional Summary of G10/89 Pottery

July 26, 89

AA 15 WEL459 Area B, (8( large chunks of dolium (from peristyle area).

AA15 B CUN530 (6) pink dolium, black crystals in brick fabric.

AA15 B WEL 459 (8) save pink dolium as above., + NA amphoras; burnt ESB2
(??) base. Prob. Republican

AA15 B WEL459 (7) same pink dolium as above.

AA13 B (5) Africano Grande - at least two more exx. of this amphora, all burnt and with accrets, P11044 Af. Gr. Rim + handles, classic vertical rim.

(5) & (7) P11046 //, stamped FAFA (Fabatus?)

AA13 B(7) more of the same amphorae. P11045 Af. Gr. Lower body.

(5) & (7) 1107 Keay 7 (Af. Grade, narrow body). Stamped PA L / F H

AA13 unstrat. ITS chip, ARS 196
L 2 / E 3 AD + ½ 1 A.D.

AA13 A (3) BG, incl. small bowl with rouletted rim, ink pot?; ITS small G43; TW beakers; ARS CW pot with fl. Rim; Hel. CW incl.G4 with café au lait slip (Hel.): ER PW; extr. Mir. Amphorae, incl. NA. P11048 Goud. 43; P11049 BG CaA rouletted small bowl.
L2 / E3? (2 anyway); ½ 1 A.D.; 3 B.C.

AA13 A(5) BG CaB; HCl, extr. TW ws, black ex, red in; PW; PP CW wide mouth jar with narrow horiz. Rim; ring base basin in ‘GLCW’; brown CW amphora, white slip, strap h.
Late date 2 A.D. (PP CW) + 1 / 2 and Hell.

July 27, 89

AA13 B(5) ARS CW 197, prob. ½ complete; ARS 185 / 196 slip shiny ex; ER PW; TW PW beaker, black in, mottled ex; ARS C ws; BG local PW; Hell. TW, black ex; PW jug with twisted h.
P11050 ARS CW 197 P11051 ARS 195/196, slipped ex. L 2 / E 3; ER (1 / 2); early 3 (ARS C); Hell. (3 – 2 BC)

AA 13 B(6) more of 97 in B (5) and more of TW beaker form B (5). Tun. Amphora stopper round, 9.0-9.7 D; buff pw; more of TW PW beaker, black in, mottled ex.
P11052 TWw beaker, black in, mottled ex.
L 2 / E 3 ; ER (1 /2 A.D.)

AA13 B (7) more of ARS pcs from (5) and (6); burnt handle of TUN amphora.
L 2 / E 3

AA 13 B (9) more 197, more P11052; buff PW; orange PW with red slip ex and in (bowl) = Hell. Bowl; wall of Clibanus?; huge spike toe of Italian? Amphora.
L2 / E3; Hellenistic + ER(1 / 2 A.D.)

AA 13 C (3) BG CaA and pct. est. chips; PP CW (G4); orange PW; Dr. 2/4 mini h. +reg size shoulder; spike toe of Italian amphora.
ER (1/2 A.D.) + 3/2 BC (may be all Republican)

AA13 E (5) CaD bowl with red floor; + other BG; ITS plaster base with 4 stamps of C. Sert. ; PW (Hell. And ER fabrics); misc. (G4) CW of Hell. And ER types; ARS early 196; unid. Amph.
L2 / E3 from ARS 196; ER; 3 B.C. P11053 ITS base

July 28, 89
AA15 B (4) amphora with banded rim as Pél 47 fabric; burnished lt. orange base of closed from; brown BG bowl with plain flared rim (1 BC?); brown Repub. TWws; ER ckg. Ware – PP CW lid, pot with squared rim; pot with rolled rim.
1 B.C. / 1 A.D. ; with amphora possibly of 2 / 3 A.D.

AA15 B(5) CaD w of bowl / patter; Ungl. Red TW of Hell. (incls beaker rim); orange and buff fine PW; pitcher, lids; sack-sahpe jog rim; ws of closed form with red ex upperbody; buff lid with matte black slip in and ex, pink pigment and white mortar; CW includes peg leg, lid with asymm. Knob; extr. Micac. Fabric lid with PR red slip in and over rim.

1 BC seems fairly consistent.
P11054 lid with flange on lower side.
AA15 unstrat. Over WEL 459.
PW jar with bead rim (ER).

AA 15 B WEL 459 (7) range PW, very hard; Repub CW base sherd; the version of ‘ARS’ found in Repub. Contexts which is coarse and micaceous.
1B.C. most likely.

AA 15 B WEL 459 (8). TUN amphora ws; Repub. CW orange lid, plain rim; flat gray micac. Base; Repub. Buff PW jog shoulder; BG CaA, once painted, from neck of jug.
This coll. could be as early as 3 B.C.

July 28, 1989

AA15 B CUN 459 (6) ESB 1 with rouletting; CaD? Wall of bowl, flared wall; orange PW closed from; PW with curved lateral handle; PP CW (G4; bowl with narrow horiz. Rim; rim of ckg. Pot rel. to Sutri 20 pots by manuf.
1 B.C. / 1 A.D.

AA15 B CUN 530 (6) orange PW flat base of closed from; CC PW closed form, red mottled slip; violently asymm. PP CW lid knob; PR chip;
1BC seems most likely.

DD12 CUN 440 unstrat. ARS with curved rim (48, etc); ARS A 8/9, 14/16; ARS CW 196, 23 B; ITS hemisph. Cup, rouletted ex; BG CaA/ pct. est. ws; BG CaD bse with single initial M; CC PW, beaker with pushed down rim; chip of Dr 2/4 amphora h.; heavy micac. Red organge CW beaded basin rim??; Repub. CW lid rim; + pipe???
E 3 A.D. + ER (1 / 2 A.D.) + Republican 3 / 2 B.C. P11055 BG base with (M)

DD12 CUN 440 (3) ARS C ws; ARS A 27, 6; ARS CW 197, 196; ITS chip; TW glazed chip; CC PW sack –shape jug; buff PW sack-shape jugs; BG CaD ws; Mauretaniam G handle and bead rim; eleg. PPCW ckg. Pot with bead rim; misc. CW.
E 3 A.D. very clear + ½ 1 A.D. + 3 / 2 BC

DD12 CUN 440 A (3) hard buff PW small jugs (wss) ER (1 / 2 A.D.)

DD12 CUN 440 B (3) ARS A bases; ARS C ws; ARS E 3 A.D. very clear.

July 24, 89
S14 F unstrat. Unid. Handle of amphora.

S14 F (1) OCW pot rim (olla); contorted (off-round) Early Roman date buff PW uncertain form.

S14 F (5) African (Tunisian) amphora rim, mini version of PUN 2. Elegant TW wall, probably of 1 BC; Campanian fabric rolled h. (NN) P11001 Tun. amphora rim, Hellenistic / ER.

S14 F (6) ARS C 50 A (4 sherds); Ostia type CC rouletted bowl (2x); rim of pear-shaped CC jug; ARS CW 196r; PP CW pot with strap h; pot base; brown PW bowl with wide ridged rim; very eleg. pale TW TA? toe; 6 amphora fabrics in addition, of which 2 are NA; 1) Africano Grade neck / handle, red fabric, greenish cream slip 2); huge toe, also prob. AG; + more handle, then for AG; 2) Pél 47 (G4) neck sherd; prob. Italian fabric, mica and grey incls; jug? With narrow neck, rolled in; red Italian? Smoothed Dr. 2/4?; vertical rim and juge curved h. with deep groove down back, pink/red fabric, pink slip; but the form is not one I know.
Very clearly ½ 3 A.D. by FW, common ware, ckgware and amphoras.
P11002 TA toe; P11003 ARS C50A.

July 24, 89

S14 F (7) similar to F(6); ARS C 50A r. and base with defined ring; eleg. BG CaA of 3 B.C. (thick hemisph. Bowl); poor quality red hemisph. Bowl = 3 B.C. ??; CC PW eleg. examples of Ostia bowl (same bowls in F(6)) of early 3 A.D. (3x); CC PW TW poculum with folded back shoulder; metallic glaze TW sherd; ARS CW 196 (6x); mostly pretty thick; 197, 23; PP CW incls a gross init. Of ARS 197; lids and olla; other gross CW; cookg bowl of PW has peg leg; heavy organge rolled lateral handle; heavy burned glob. Pot with rilled wall; amphora with open toe (??); AMPH: 3 exx. Of Africano Grande; 1 in fabric 1 wouldn’t recognize as NA; unf. Long necked amphora in same fabric as G4, check Laubenheimer; very TW TA, as in S14 F (6).
Very clear ½ 3 A.D.
P11004 ARS A severan base, P11005 CCPW bowl; P11006 ditto; P11007 CCPW TW poculum with pushed down rim; P11008 red hemisph. Bowl, prob. Hell.; P11009 PP CW imit. Of ARS 197; 11010 very TW TA neck; P11011 Gaulish amph; P11012 Africano Grande, typical NA; P11013 Africano Grade brown fabric, buff slip;

S14 F(8) (cearl toes to S14 F(7) and F(6)). CaA BG bowl; IBC BG; thick ARS C wall; ARS CW 196, 197; CC PW more Ostia bowls; PW paint bowl with yellow pigment; PW wide thin strap handle; PP imit. Of ARS CW 197 again; metallic glaze on poculum with pushed-down rim; Hellenistic CW rim with buff slip over rim and in; orange PW basin rim; amphora h., may be Spanish?
P11014 ARS 196 rim to base; P11015 paint bowl with yellow pigment; P11016A ER buff jug rim and handle spring; P11017B PW orange basin rim.

July 24, 89

S14 F (9) same PW pigment bowl as in F(8); BGCaA bowl; ITS chip; ARS A chip; Hellenistic red slip bowl; PW and CCPW chips; ARS CW 196, prob. Same pce as F(8); PPCW pot with falred rim; Camanian fabric amphora spike toe; NA amphora short stubby toe (Africano piccola?); small dolium rim. African stubby toe has same lime accrets. as paint bowl.
More P11015; P11016B PP CW pot with fl. Rim; P11017A stubby NA toe; P11018 dolium rim.

S14 F (12) ITS Tiverian base; TW poculum coerced with aceretions, incl. blue pigment.
P11019 TW poculum.

All 21 Pcs: TUN 7, TURK 2, It. 9, Gk. 1, Gaulish 1, ?? 1.

FW 7 Pcs: Dishes 2, bowls 2, pocula 2, dish 1.

CKG ware 3 pc: dishes 1, imit. NA 2.

COMMON 1 pc: paint bowl, jug, basin 3.

Dolium 1 pc.

In this early 3 context, the strong rep. of Tunisian products, esp. in amphoras, is obvious.

July 25, 89

U15 South E (3) Many forms also occur in (2); esp. large PW basin. BG CaA and CaC; ITS; ARS CW 196; buff basin; tiny Dr. 2/4 handle; TW buff PW; organge PW ring base of partial BG closed form jug?; worn CC PW; PP CW incl. Sutri 20; Hellenistic G4 pot rim with buff slip over rim.
P11023 Sutri 20
Late date c. 200 A.D. (ER and 3rd C. B.C., also)

U15 South E(4) (joins to (2) and (3) ) BG chunks of CaA, CaB and CaD; nothing very distinctive (3 B.C.); ITS Haltern ; Tiberian base; cup with triangular rim; a lto of varied TW; 1+ rough-cast; metallic galze; rouletting; forms are all beakers with flared rims; Hell. red-brown unglazed TW shard; ARS CW 196; very varied bits of PW, incl. ungrentarium and banded shard (Hell.); 1 PW bowl (ws) with cherry pink pigment, a large % of an ER jug with strap handle and a basic with flared wide rim; lower body of orange CW closd pot; 3 G4 (Hellenistic) pots + likely Clibanus; wall of very large basin in brick fabric; Keay LXXXI (star_ amphora; long ugly bead rim amphora = Dr. 20??; 1 rim and 2 diff. hs. Of Italian? Dr 1? Amphora; Campanian fabric lower body of amphora with upper part of spike toe.
Late date c.200 A.D.; clear representation of ½ 1 A.D. and 3 B.C.
P11024 BG cup P11025 ITS Haltern 7 P11026 Hell. CW of G4 type; P11027 PW ER jug P 11028 PW wm jar; P11029 PW pot P11030 PW heavy basin with fl. rim; P11031 Keay LXXXI ‘star’ amphora.

A 20 unstrat; gritty greenish cream CW, jug with vertical rim, wide shoulder; Rep. CW curved mall strap h.

July 25, 89

U15 North E (1) Hard to identify amphora sherds and ckg ware; PP CW bowl of Sutri 20? Sack shape; amphora shards of dark brown fabric and slip; hard, coarse, fabric incls. Look Tunisian; not datable other than likely ‘Roman’ or ‘ER’.

U15 South E, unstrat. PW (local) deep pot with wide flat nm (ckg pot shape); Dr. 2/4 amphora shoulder pink fabric white / buff ex, hard pw, most likely Italian; ARS CW 196; nice example; PP CW small lid; huge orange ex, grey brown core amphora toe, splayed at bottom; (fabric id uncertain); some worm Hell. ckgware (rolled lateral h., bead rim with white /buff slip). C. 200 late date.

U15 South E (1) ARS C ws 50 A?; ARS A rim of 2 / E 3 = 34? 1 matte ARS orange FW form and fabric 1 don’t recognize ; ITS bases of Tiberian date; PW closed form ring bases (2x); CC PW sloppy base of closed form; CC PW with deeply hand cut oblique grooves – seen on Ostia-type bowls (?); PP CW; Dr. 20 amphora rim; stubby amphora base of pink buff CW 1 don’t recognize.
P11020, Dr. 20 rim. Early Roman 1 – Early 3 A.D.

U15 South E (2) BG CaA? Shard of large bowl; ARS 196; 197, 23B; FW bowl of shape wrong for ITS or ARS; an Eastern sig?; PP CW lids, 1 small; 1 arrow rim; PP CW wall of Sutri type pot; red PP CW sutri type pot rim; soft CCPW closed pot, base; five TW PW pot bases (3x); pcs of heavy buff PW basin with wide horz. Rim; a 2nd heavy PW basin.
C. 200 A.D. lots of PW ware
P11021, ARS 196 P11022 ed unid. FW base

July 28, 89

U15 North E (4), many pieces also in (3). BG CaA shards; ITS base with i.p.p. stamp (PC ..); metallic glaze TW, one with large pignole; PW ER jug, 1 ws of this has SILLA on it in dipinto; buff mortarium; PP CW peg leg; lid, pot with bead rim; amphora shoulder (pink CW, cream slip) with small D rolled handle.
ER (1 / 2 A.D.); 3 B.C.
P11063 large TW metallic glaze poculum with pignole; P11064 shards of ER jug with dipinto; 11065 ITS base with PC. Stamp.

U15 North E (9) poor (brown) glaze on pet. est. (ws); metallic glaze TW with pignole; PP CW Sutri 20 with plain rim; soft buff PW pot with bead rim, 1 A.D.; 3 / 2 B.C.
P11066 orange TW poculum with smaller barbotine pignole.

U15 North E (6) BRC 535 ( this is where the mosaic of the last 2 days came from). 7 shards total. 2 ws Campanian amphora, PP CW Sutri 20 + 3 wss, PW amphora.
P11067 Sutri 20.

July 26, 89

U15 No. E unstrat. TW strap handle ‘Early Roman’

U15 No. E (2) ridged TA amphora, med. thick, 10 shards, red brown; red fw hermisph. bowl with narrow hroz. Rim; ARS CW 196, 197; 23B; small Dr. 2/4 handle; ARS A wss; ER PW, incl. undercut base; Ostia type CC PW bowl; BG CaA ws; PP CW, incl. large lid with arrow rim; painted CW / PW upper wall of closed form; extr. Heavy wide strap handle (medieval???)
P11040 red FW bowl; P11041 PP CW lid with arrow rim; PP11043 PPW jug shoulder

U15 North E (3) ARS CW 197; 196 ws; ESB 2 rim of ‘Haltern 12’ with ruletting ? low on wall; met. Glaed TW with barbotine pignole + extr. Eleg. cup with double h. upslipped; jon to P11042 jug (PPW); TA,amph. h. TW; BG Guathian painted ws; heavy fish dish rim;small pet. est. bowl, etc.; small flat-based ungrentarium, red in; a great deal of buff and orange PW (ER jus, strap hs, flat and pad bases); PP CW Sutri 20, lids, ‘G’ rim bowl; fake Dr. 2/4 handle, Italian fabric; Dr. 2/4 shoulder.
At least E 3 (P11022, PPW is not typical of any period, may be 4 / 5 A.D.?); ER (1 /2 A.D.); 3 B.C.
P11056 TA handle; P11057 ESB2 rim; P11058 TW CC poculum; P11059 ‘G’ rim PP CW bowl /pan; P11060 ITS pyxis; P11061 extr. eleg. TW poculum with double handle; P11062 Guathian ws.

W 20 V (1) ESB 2 bowl rim; worm and shattered; metallic glazed large TW bowl; buff PW wss; amphora rim; bead rim, Campanian / Italian fabric, from??; ER (1 / 2 A.D.)

W20 L (12) Repub. TW ws.
1 B.C.?

W20 L CUN 532 (14) soft buff bead rim bowl?, not a familiar fabric.
? Date uncertain.

W20 L (14) iridescent BG, pet. est. fabric, 3 /2 BC: TW beaker with extra. Fine vertical combing (Tiberian??) (Page 12 3 E 3 L); Greco-Italic amphora rim, sl. Micaceous, prob. Greek fabric; PW (coarse fabric) buff pot with bead rim.
Looks 3 / 2 + (these beakers Moers calls Tiberian lock 1 B.C. to me).

W20 L (15) BG CaA, B and D. roughcast metallic glaze TW; ER PW jug with long hollow rim, strap h., PW sack-shape pot; PP CW rel. to Sutri 20; ‘Tiberian’ extr. TW, vertical combing; strap hs with oral profile of Italian amphora – Dressel 1?
ER (1 / 2 A.D.) + 3 / 2 B.C.

W20 L BRC 533 (16) Republ. CW fabric, form looks related to Sutri 20.

W20 L BRC 534 (16) CW red amphora, banded rim, pale buff slip, if NA, I do not recog. form or date. (somewhat micaceous).

W20 L 041 (14) PP CW string cut base, flat and very thick, form unknown.

July 26, 89

W20 L feature 034 (10) CaA bowl with 4 (3) small round stamps with 4 raised dots in floor. Slip worm off in and reserved bottom; ITS form, platter with vertical rim; rills as pyxis of mid 1 A.D.; metallic glaze TW poculum; PP CW narrow fat G4 rim; curved handle prob. From buff TUN amphora; hard red CW rolled h., fabric unid., buff slip, weather-worn.
1 A.D., 3 B.C., nothing certainly later than 1.
P11032 base of CaA bowl.

W20 (11) CaA bowl with banded rim; ARS A 6 rim; Ostia CC PW bowl; ARS CW 197; PW handle which looks Hellenistic; extr. unsightedly CW rolled h. – very coarse, form unid., amphora?; unid PW amphora strap h.
L 2 / E 3 A.D. + 3 B.C.
P11033 CaA banded bowl rim.

W20 L (11) buff PW ring base; PP CW small lid rim; PP CW lid with arrow rim; PW amphora, possibly G4, but questionable; hard orange PW amphora with strap h.; pale grey core.
P11034 PP CW lid with arrow rim.

W20 M + L (11) unstrat. Huge amphora h., Campanian fabric, perhaps Dr. 1; eleg. small PW lid; buff CW plain jug? Rim
Nothing cataloguable: ‘Early Roman’ only likely dating deser.

W20 M. L. V. (11) brick tile cut to amphora stopper round (8.0 x 8.5); rolled Tarraconensis amphora h.

July 26, 89

W20 L (12) CUN 523 CCTW PW pinched pitcher rim; ARS CW 196 ws; unid. PW; PW basin base; PP CW ckgpot rim and wall; handles, rim and base of G4 amphora; enough coarser than usual fabric to raise questions on provenance; amphora wall cut to round (7.5 x 8.0); 2 heavy orange CW pad / ring bases; P11035 G4? Base; P11036 PP CW Sutri 20 pot.

W20 L (13) CUN 523. dark red matte unsliped Repub. TW undercut pad base.

W20 L 13) CUN 523 shards of fairly hard pale orange CW mystery amphora, common small white, grey and brown incls. Lt. orange shard with flattened ridges; close pot with ridges.
P11037 pcs of unid. amphora.

W20 L DRN 529 (12) TW beaker, fl. rim and lost h., very worn; poor quality ITS curved wall; orange AU base ring. 1 A.D.
P11038 TW beaker.

P10 unstratified. ‘G4’ (Repub.) monster and café au lait slip over rim and in; red CW amphora strap h.

July 31, 89

U15 North E (6) BRC 535 (also listed with that group). Few shards. Sutri 20 pot P11067 1 / 2 A.D. + ARS CW 196; ARS A ws; L 2 / E 3 A.D.

W20 L BRC 533 (16) PUN 2 small D amphora rim; BG CaA bowl ws; poor quality BG flared wall bowl; TW PP CW beaker / pot; PW base; grey reduced ckg. Ware pot base.
P11068 PUN 2; P11069 brown BG flared wall bowl.

W20 L 034 (10) pink CW amphora of Dr. 2 /4 shape, pale cream pink slip.

U15 North Layer x unstrat. Area E. Campanian fabric amphora handle spring (Dr. 2 / 4); mini Dr. 2 / 4 amphora in pink fabric with NA incls.; buff PW strap h; PP CW plain rim bowl
1 / 2 A.D.

July 31, 89

--> AA 13 A (3) (5) 1 / 2 A.D.

--> AA 13 B (5) (6) (7) (9) all destruction, early 3 A.D.

--> AA 13 C (3) 1 B.C.??
AA 13 D (4) 3 / 2 B.C.??

--> AA 13 E (5) 1 / 2 A.D.

--> AA 15 B (4) (5): WEL 459 (6), (7), (8); CUN 530 (6). No ARS or ARS CW in AA 15 B, therefore not 2 A.D.; but no ITS either.

--> DD 12 CUN 440. unstrat; (3); A (3) ; B (3) all destr; early 3 A.D.

--> P 10 unstrat. > repub <

--> U 15 South E unstrat; (1), (2), (3), (4) all destr; early 3 A.D.

--> U 15 North E unstart; (2), (3), (4), (6) = BRC 535, (9). All destr = early 3 A.D.

--> W 20 V (1) 1 / 2 A.D.

--> W 20 D (11); L D (11), R (12), R (14), (15) ½ 1 A.D.

--> W 20 M + L (11) unstrat. ER

--> W 20 M + L + V (11) unstrat. ER
--> W 20 L CUN 523 D (12), R (13), (14); BRC 533 R (16); BRC 534 x(16); O 41 (14); O34 (10) mid 1 A.D.; DRN 529 (12) 1 A.D.
Also CUN 532 (14)x

Are there really 2 CUN = CUN 523? CUN 532?

Problem areas for dating are AA 15 B, where there is no evidence of late 2 A.D., but also no clear evidence of 1 A.D. On the other hand, CW and PW look ER (1 / 2 A.D.).

Also W20 L (11) and CUN 523 (12) are destruction; but other layers are hard to date:

CUN523 (13) = Repub.
CUN523 (14) = X
CUN533 (16) = Repub.
CUN534 (16) = X
O41 (14) = Repub.
O34 (10) = mid 1 A.D.
DRN 529 (12) = 1 A.D.

July 31, 1989

G10 / 89

There was little pottery this season. All catalogued, as there was little of interest to catalogue. By far the most interesting pottery finds of the season were the burnt and broken up remains of 3 Tunisian amphoras, perhaps all 3, versions of Africano Grande, a type which is commonly exported into Rome by the early 3rd c. A.D. (P11044, AA 13 B (5) & (7); P11046, same provenance, P11047, AA 13 B(7)). P11046 has an incised stamp of FAFA at midneck; while P11047 has a 2-line incised stamp PAL / FH. Stamped amphoras from N. Tunisia in the early 3rd c. A.D. are fairly common, and it should be relatively easy to determine more about the makes of these amphoras, as there has been a recent review of such a stamps by David Mattingly. FAFA may refer to a certain ‘Fabatus’, but I must check this interpretation to be certain. Of this type from G10, it also had a partial stamp at mid-neck.

Joann Freed


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