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Provisional Summary of G10/87 Pottery

July 29, 1987 JF

G 10/87 : Guide to the Pottery Report .

This pottery report consists of a number of sections, as follows.

I. Summary (July 29, 1987).

II. Report on Walt's list of areas (July 29, 1987)

III. 1987 Brick stamps (July 27, 1987)

IV. List of areas for which pottery was seen by JF: areas with material dating to end site (2/3 A.D. are underlined). (July 29, 87).

V. By elimination, a list of areas which predate site destruction: areas which are "Early Roman" (1/2 A.D.) and areas which are Augustan and first ½ 1 A.D. are distinguished.

VI. By elimination, a list of layers where the latest material is of Republican date (more closely characterized in summary or in Walt's question areas)

VII. Description and date of material in layers for which pottery was seen. Provides supporting evidence for summary statements, above.

July 29, 1987 JF

I. G 10/87 Summary of Pottery Material:

A great deal of pottery was excavated in 1987. All the processing was completed and about 300 pieces were catalogued.

The most interesting finds from 1987 were from cuniculus 238 in area AA 25 F. There were many restorable pieces in this area which were nearly complete or yielded complete profiles. They included 11 black glaze bowls. Fabrics identifiable were Campana A (P0102, P0104), Campana B (P0100, P0110) and Morel's "Roman E" (P0105, P0107, P0109). Two large flared bowls with rolled lateral handles, one glazed only on the interior, practically identical in form, were in an unfamiliar pale buff porous fabric (P0101, P0108). The latest piece of black glaze in this context may be the example of Campana B, with two types of palmettes alternating in the floor (P0100), a type which dates to the first half of the second century B.C.

It seems likely that this is the date of the whole deposit. It is in perfect agreement with the presence of three Koan amphoras which held imported wine. This double-handled, wide shouldered form also dates to the first half of the second century B.C. Other amphoras in the group are two cylindrical North African amphoras of a type with ear handles on the upper body and a wide flared rim. This type, which probably is native to Carthage, may date to the second and first centuries B.C. Two "Greco-Italic" amphoras in the context would also be appropriate in a second century B.C. context.

The most notable example of cooking ware from the same deposit is a large slender pot with a flared banded rim (Via Gabina type "G4"). This form, ordinarily in a smaller format, has a long life in Republican Italy, as examples are dated by Dyson to the 5th c. B.C. to the 1st c. B.C. Also of great interest were three identical buff plain ware globular jars with a single oval rolled handle. These jars were noted by the directors to be similar to the one-handled jar which Hylas used to collect water on the 1986 find of a fine mosaic. I suggest that the jar on the mosaic is meant to be gold, rather than unassuming buff pottery. Finds in cuniculus 238 may be contemporary with those in area Z 21-22 Cuniculus 331. A complete (restored) example of the same jug form was found in cuniculus 331.

Cooking wares in this context have gold mica or pyrite inclusions and shiny black inclusions distinguishing them from Early Roman.

The mosaic floor in area Y 21 U was taken up during the 1987 season. Layer (6), directly under the floor, included an ITS rim which is most likely an example of Goudineau 43, a form not common until after Augustus, and very common in the mid and late first century A.D. A date earlier than 30 A.D. is therefore not indicated for the mosaic floor, but the material retrieved was scanty, and therefore not overwhelmingly convincing.

Other material in this layer was Augustan or "early Roman" in type. The material in layer (6) contrasts with that in Y 21 U (7) and (8). These layers are in agreement with a nexus of layers with mainly late Republican to Augustan material. These include Y 21 N (7), (8) and (10), U (7) and (8) and BRC (1). TNK 214 (13) and (14) and W (10), which have an unusual number of joins. Some of the material in this area is Augustan, but material of the first century B.C. is well-represented, and there is also material of 3/2 B.C.

There were a number of anomalous pieces of fine ware from the site this season in maroon and brown "black glaze." Two examples, P0221, a flat-bottomed steep-sided bowl, and P0234, a platter reminiscent of Haltern 1, but in a brown glaze, come from these layers. They are probably transitional black glaze pieces of the first century B.C.

The same area produced a concentration of dolium rims and a plain ware thin wall bowl with an incurved rim which still held a quantity of fluorescent pink dry pigment, which had turned to orange against the wall of the bowl (P0226).

Several areas excavated had concentrations of Augustan material or material of the first half of the first century A.D. The largest concentration of catalogued pieces in such a context appeared in AA 23 C (4). A join from this layer to CUNICULUS 238 C (9) is of interest, for this part, and only this part, of CUNICULUS 238 produced pottery which is of the first century B.C., and certainly different and later than the other material in CUNICULUS 238.

Other areas which have material not later than mid 1 A.D. are: Y 20 (2) & (3), Y 23 H (6), Y 25 B (3), Z 21-22 R (4), Z 21-22 W (2), AA 19-20 E (4), & AA 19-20 R (5). It is not certain, but seems most likely that areas BB 24 C (5) and (6) and BB 24/25 A (2) (5) and (6) are all no later than Augustan date.

Other pottery of interest in 1987 included an unusual amount of very thin-walled unglazed beakers and pocula (drinking cups) in local red fabric with upper walls reduced to black. This type of pottery has not been adequately studied, but it is an informed guess that the fancier decorated pieces with rouletting and fluting cannot be earlier than Augustan date. This suggests that the simpler undecorated pieces, which often have a double curved wall, should date to the earlier first century B.C. Two of these (P0112 and P0113) were found in AA 25 F CUNICULUS 238 C (9), which is clearly of later date than the rest of CUNICULUS 238. Two highly decorated and unusual pieces, P0237 and P0237a, and a transitional simple poculum, which, on the other hand, is decorated with rouletting, came from the Y 21 area, and show joins between Y 21 N (10), W (10) and TNK 214 (13).

Worthy of note also is a Knidian stamped amphora handle, probably of the early second century B.C. (P0126), from BB 21 E (5) 332. Further study should reveal exact parallels for this piece.

Problematic pieces were several examples of forms familiar in ARS coarse ware from Carthage, particularly the pan with bifid rim and lid form 196, which were in an anomalous coarse fabric with some gold mica, but color, finish and form look exactly like ARS CW of the first and second centuries A.D. The problem therefore is that these pieces were found in contexts where no other pieces were dated later than 2 or 1 B.C. More study of this problem is needed.

Only one shard later than late 2/early 3 A.D. was recovered from the site in 1987. This was a wall shard from a plain ware jug with wavy combing, a decoration style which indicates the fifth century A.D. or later.

JF July 29, 1987

II. Areas for which Walt wanted a report:

1. Y 23 H 314 TAN (little tanks which both drain into CUN 238).

No pottery with this designation.

2. Z 25 E (8) Late date 1 B.C., perhaps early 1 B.C. Other material of 3/2 B.C.

(E CUN 331 (9) & (10) are contemp. with CUN 238, almost certainly not later than mid 2 B.C.)

3. AA 23 C TAN 308 No pottery with this designation.

(AA 23 C (3) & (4) include a great deal of material typical of mid-1 – A.D.; there is nothing certainly later).

4. AA 25 F CUN 238 Pottery from (7), (8), (9) & B (7) and B (9) are all contemporary, with many joins. Dated no later than mid 2 B.C., no earlier than 200 B.C., although some material may be earlier.

The area designated C (9) is entirely different, with late material dated to 1st ½ 1 A.D., and a join to area AA 23 C (4), of the same date.

5. BB 24/25 A (where bedrock is cut down).

Material returned from layers (2), (5), (6). This material includes FW of 3 to 2 B.C., and Republican coarse ware as well.

JF July 27, 1987

III. 1987 Brick Stamps: All in typical Roman brick fabric, except no. 8.

1. W 19 V clean-up. A tegula with finger-drawn segment of circle at cut-down end. A circular stamp; it is not certain if it is lunate. A standing gesticulating male (?) figure, surrounded by one line of inscription. I read /L MVN CRES/ and suggest L. Munatius Crescens. Type is probably early 2 A.D. Needs checking in CIL XV.

Typical Roman brick fabric with grog. (no small find no)

2. Y 20 J (1) Small rectangle with beginning of rectang. 1-line stamp. · L/. (87-4).

Type dates to 1st ½ 1 A.D.

3. Y-20 W (2) Tegula with double line rectangular stamp. We have the right end of the stamp. I read /ANLI/ /CI. Inscr. needs checking in CIL.

Type dates to 1st century A.D., not late in 1.


4. Y 20 W (2) Large pce of tegula. Double line circular stamp which is very shallowly impressed, but seems to be lunate with small orb. I read: Ḷ ̣ AFTN This type dates to 2 A.D., from 2nd quarter on. Interpretation of the letters is extremely dubious. One can read EX (for L ̣), but AFTN does not suggest any interpretation. Checking with CIL might be useful. (87-40)

5. Y 25 (1) (87-3) Frag. of brick with beginning of one-line rectangular stamp. I read L · P/ The "L" is defective, as top half of vertical line is missing. Date of type is 1st ½ 1 A.D.

6. Z 21-22 J (1) (87-7) Frag. of brick with ¼ of circular stamp with two-line inscr. Outer line reads /X ̣ PR IVN/. (Ex pr(aedia) iun(ii)) (“from the establishment of the Iunii”). I read PONTI on the inner line, interpretation uncertain. Needs checking with CIL. Stamp most likely dates to first ½ 2 A.D.

7. AA 19/20 S (1) (87-6) Frag. of brick with incised one-line stamp. I read /LA SUL. Other exx from site. The person referred to is Blastulus Sulpicius, if I remember correctly. This type of stamp is Hadrianic (117-138 A.D.).

8. AA 23 C (3) (87-8) Brick frag. with a 1-line stamp: SV ̣ /. This is a hard plain ware fabric, unlike other fabric from this year. Type of stamp dates 1st ½ 1 A.D.

9. BB 21 E (1) (87-43) 2-line circular stamp. I read in outer line: /R ̣ RD PF L ̣̣ VCIL ḷḷ / and / ḷḶL C[R]ESC/. Interpretation may involve “Publius filius Lucilius” and a “CRESCENS.” 2 A.D.

(Underlined layers date 2/3 A.D. (end of site)) JF July 29, 1987

IV. Areas from which pottery was sent in:

T 18 B (2) ( ̣ 3 ̣ ) $ (2 A.D.) X (3)

C (1) Y (2)

H (1) (2) Z (4) ︿ (6) + cleanup.

U 20 B (4) ︿ (5) ︿ (6) (joins)

Brick Sts. W 19 ̣̣̣ V ̣̣̣ ̣̣̣ Cleanup. (2 A.D.)

20 L (1)

Y 20 J (1) W (1) ︿ (2)

N (1) (2) (3)

21 J (1) (2) (3) NW peristyle.

N (2) (7) (8) (10)

U (1) (6) (7) (8) + wall (many joins)

S (6)

BRC 351 (1)

TNK 214 (1) (13) ︿ (14)

W (9) (10)

Y 23 H (6)

BRC 189 A (15)

Y 25 B/C (1) (2)

B (3)

P (1)

Y/2 25 (1)

BRC 332

Z 21-22 E (2) (3) (4) ︿ (5) (6) (10) CUN 331 (10)

J (1) (2)

N (1) (2) (3) NE Peristyle

R (1) (2) (3) (4)

W (2)

25 E (8) (10) CUN 331 (9) CUN 331

AA 18 W (2)

19/20 — (1) (3)

19/20 E (4)

R (3) (4) (5)

S (2) (4)

22 — (1)

22/23 C (1) (2)

S Peristyle

23 C , 3$ , ,4) ,

N (1)

25 F (1) CUN 238 (7) (8) (9) + B (7) + B (9)

G (3)

BB 18 AC WAL 108

21 E (1) (2) (2) DRN334 (4) ︿ (5) 332 (5) DRN 334

—— (5) DOL 333

S (2)

24 (1) (BAULK) (2)

A (2)

C (1) (3) (4) (5) (6)

D (5)

BB 25 (1)

24/25 A (2) (5) (6)

Underlined layers are Augustan — (4)

“ “ “ ER (1/2). ══

V. Areas which likely predate end of site:

T 18 B (2) (3) (2 A.D. in (3))

H (1) (2)

X (3)

Y (2)

Y 20 N (1) (2) (3) (1st ½ 1 A.D.)

21 N (7) (8) (10) ((8) is 1st ½ 1 (10) is Augustan.)

U (6) (7) (8) ((6) is 1st ½ 1 A.D.)

S (6) (join to Y 20 N (3))

BRC 351 (1)

TNK 214 (1) (13) (14)

W (9) (10) ( (9) Augustan?: (10) is end 1 B.C.)

Y 23 H (6) (possibly mid 1 A.D.).

BRC 189 A (15)

Y 25 B (3) (possibly mid 1 A.D.)

Z 21-22 BRC 332 (4) + (5) : (6), (10), CUN 331 (10)

E (5) (6) (1st ½ 1 A.D.)

J (2) ( ↖ 6) is 1 A.D.)

R (4) (Augustan + earlier material)

W (2) (1st ½ 1 A.D.)

25 E (8) (10) CUN 331 (9) CUN 331

AA 19-20 E (4) (1st ½ 1 A.D.).

R (4) (5)

22-23 C (2)

23 C (3) (4) (1st ½ 1 A.D.)

25 F CUN 238 (7) (8) (9) B (7) B (9) C (9) (1st ½ 1 A.D.)

BB 24 C (1) (3) (4) ∥ (5) (6) ((5) and (6) are Hadrianic ??)

but material looks 1 B.C. to me.

24/25 A (2) (5) (6) (?)

By elimination, these are:

VI. Areas which have Hellenistic material and may be no later than some Repub. date:

Y 21 U (7) (8)

N (7) (8) (10) (Note joins in this area.)

Y 21 Tank 214 (13) ︿ (14)

W (10) (end 1 B.C.)

Y 23 BRC 189 A (15) (contemp with CUN 238).

Z 21-22 E CUN 331 (10)

(10) (may be end 1 B.C. or sl. later).

* Z 25 E CUN 331 (10) & (9)


* AA 25 F CUN 238 (7) (8) (9) B (7) B (9)

(Area CUN 238 C (9) is 1st ½ 1 A.D.)

BB 24 C (5) & (6) [These are very problematic, because of one pce which may be early 2 A.D. Most material looks 1 B.C.]

* BB 24/25 A (2) (5) (6)

* On Walt's list
JF July 7, 1987

VII. AA area:

AA 19/20 (1) Color-coated large rouletted bowl with Δ rim (early 3 A.D.);

2 other CC shards; distorted wide orange CW strap handle;

2 ps. ITS (1 contemp with Haltern 1; the other a hemisph. bowl,

1st ½ 1 A.D.)

--> Late date early 3, earliest material end 1 B.C.


AA 19/20 (3) Color-coated large rouletted bowl ws; CC ws; ITS ws; ARS CW wedge-rim 183; ITS "Aretine" platter base with zone of fine rouletting in floor.

--> Late date early 3 A.D.; earliest material end 1 B.C. (Augustan).


AA 19/20 S (2) ARS FW poor quality Form 14 rim (end 2/early 3 A.D.); rouletted TW OCW ws; ITS chips (orange fabric); TW chips; reduced BG ws of platter; TW OCW beaker with rolled rim; CC PW wss (1/2 A.D.); Porta Pia CW lid rim; Repub. CW jar with dropped rim; Pélichet 47 handle; CC PW large strap handle; ARS CW 23 B and 197.

--> Late 2/early 3 clearly indicated; secondary group of l ate Republican/Augustan material.

P0003 (nothing significantly worth cataloguing).

AA 19/20 S (2) F184 red fabric, reduced to black ex, TW of "Republican" type + red CC PW closed form ws.

--> Uncertain, but most likely 1 B.C.

Nothing to catalogue

AA 19/20 S (4) ws of large CC bowl (early 3 A.D.), ridged buff PW strap handle (1/2 A.D.); Dressel 20 amphora rim; a variety of CW of PP fabric; some Republican; amphora handle with stamp AGAT; very varied ITS, incl. G43; unslipped TW of Repub. thin red fabric, matte black ex, incl. simple hemisph. pocula and beaker with oblique incised lines; all 1 B.C. (?); poor quality brown black glaze, typical of 1 B.C.; ws from neck of long-necked BGed unguentarium; TW handle with mottled red metallic glaze; variety of PP CW forms.

Idiosyncratic pcs.

Late date of 2/3 A.D. minimally attested; 1 B.C. and 1st ½ 1 A.D. strongly represented; some BG and CW (G4/9 pot) cd be as early as 3 B.C.

P0004 ‑ P0016 (CW lid with rolled rim also appeared

in AA 19/20 S (2))

AA 19/20 R (3) Join to P0002, AA 19/20 (3) ARS CW 183.

Join to AA 19/20 S (2) Form 197. ESB2 ws of deep bowl; ITS platter with 4 spaced ִ A T ļ stamps; high foot of elegant unguentarium; ; PW with matte BG in – large bowl or platter; PP CW bowl with bifid rim, lid with S-rim; lid with plain rim; African amphora with heavy squared rim; orange cylindrical amphora or jar of uncertain type.

--> Late date late 2/early 3 A.D. by ARS CW.

ESB2 = late 1/early 2 A.D.

Augustan date attested by ITS unguentarium.

P0017 – P0020

AA 19/20 R (4) lid with asymm. knob in PW, fairly

--> micaceous fabric. 1/2 A.D.?

AA 19/20 R (5) Augustan ITS; "Repub" red fabric TW, black strap handle & base ex; BG Campana B ws; buff PW strap handle (1/2 A.D.); Dressel 7/11 amphora (?); G4/9 pot, orange, micaceous; buff amphora, sandy fabric, cream slip;

--> Latest certain date is Augustan; ascertain amphora ID.

Earliest material (BG, G4 pot may be 2 B.C.)

P0021 – P0023

AA 19/20 E (4) Interesting juxtaposition of ITS heavy G43, poor quality molded frag, + buff/orange PW in ER jug with high curved vertical rim; sack-shaped jug with horiz. rim + red fabric unslipped TW, orange, not matte black, ex; poculum form.

--> Common date indicated is 1st ½ 1 A.D.

P0024 – P0025

AA 22 (1) Mixed bag: orange ITS; metallic glazed TW; roughcast TW; small red PP CW fabric lid with Δ shaped rim; Gl A wn jar with wide hooked horiz. rim; buff banded PW jug rim; micac. FW as an ESB ? ws; La 27 B BG rim; poor quality BG metallic ws.

1 A.D. well attested by ITS & TW and CW + 3/2 B.C.


AA 22/23 C (1) heavy dense dark red amphora with worn/chipped buff slip; a large cylindrical amphora with a solid toe, fabric has calcareous incls, but also rounded iron compound pebbles, ∴ probably not African.

ARS FW Hayes 8 B, late 2/early 3 A.D.

Metallic glaze TW poculum with fat pignole.

Pale buff PW jar with hollow rim; orange PW strap handles; CW lid in "Vesuvius" fabric with many small black incls; PP incls CW, wn jar with wide horiz. rim, not hooked. NA fabric jar? with bead rim; small solid amphora toe in buff fabric with quartz & red incls.

--> Material consistently dates late 2/early 3 A.D.; altho some may be earlier, nothing is necessarily so.

P0027 – P0031

AA 22/23 C (2) 2 TW metallic glaze pcs. 1 is a flat pad base.

--> 1 A.D. is most likely.

AA 23 N (1) thick base of ARS CW 196; CC PW ws; 2 buff PW strap handles; orange PW strap handle; orange PW rolled handle; buff

PW rolled rim; G1 wm jar with hooked rim under; PP CW of early type

--> typical of late 2/early 3 A.D.


AA 23 C (3) amphora stopper (8 cm. D.) cut from pale buff brick; strap handle of large Dr 1 or Dr 7/11 amphora, possibly Campanian fabric; 2 rims of 196 lids (late 2/early 3 A.D.); PW jar with fl. sq. rim; lt. orange PW jugs with hi vertical rims (as ER jug 1); strap handles, fairly wide pad bases; large TW poculum with pignole = P0028, joins with layer (4); cut round from base ? of Campana A wall with hollow spout or pedestal; pale buff PW bowl with bead rim, almost invisible rouletting; pale buff jug with hollow rim, strap handle, matching fabric ring base; ITS platter with grit on floor; i.p.p. base with drilled hole; battered exx. of late Haltern 2 with appliqués; variety of metallic glaze, etc. TW; PP lid with T rim and S rim; wm jar with horiz. rim; Sutri form 20 with ridge on sloping wall.

Numerous joins to layer (4) and same basic composition.

--> The material overwhelmingly dates to the Tiberian/ Claudian era, but both (3) and (4) have 2 bits of ARS CW 196, which dates to end 2 A.D. They may date deposition, or be intrusive.

P0033 – P0045 – P0047

JF July 8, 1987

AA 23 C (4) G reat variety of TW, more than 20 bases; metallic glaze, rouletting, barbotine, pignole, beakers and pocula.

PP CW lids with pinched knobs (6+); PR rim; ITS exx of G43 and Haltern 12 + cup with Δ rim, in general c. mid 1 A.D.+; a variety of PW jugs, unguentaria!, TW object of which Shari has more elsewhere (bowl?); Dressel 2/4 handle; Dressel 20 base; PW and PP CW as in layer (3).

--> Again, the great majority dates mid 1 A.D., with 2 frags of ARS CW 196, indicating end 2 A.D.

P0048 – P0085

AA 25 F (1) PP CW with large crystals, lid with T/arrow rim.

--> Prob. late 2/early 3 A.D.

AA 25 G (3) Dressel 20 amphora rim, ARS CW 196, 197, Ca. A BG rolled handle; G4 CW pot rim with Repub. cream slip; buff PW; soft worn steel gray worn BG ring base of bowl.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. well-attested, otherwise 3/2 B.C.


BB 21 E (2) DRN 334

ARS FW tsc A plain lid, 1 line of rouletting; ARS CW 196 (2x), BG Campana C; ESB reduced to black ex; TW PW cup; PP CW glob pot with dropped rim; CC TW cup with incurred rim; base of Gl jar (PP CW); lid with arrow rim (PP CW); Campanian amphora fabric in Dr. 2/4 fabric; TW beaker with irid. glaze.

P0195 – P0199.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + early 2 + 1 + 1 B.C.

(Wider range of dated material than usual).

BB 21 E (5) DOL 333

ARS FW 23 B; BG Campana B & Roman "D" types of 1 B.C. coarse pale buff PW rim.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + 2 B.C.

JF July 8, '87

BB 18 AC WAL 108 – CC bowl with Δ rim, rouletted wall of late 2/early 3 A.D. BG, ITS and nice slipped TW poculum/beaker with pignole (bowl covered with lime).

--> late 2/early 3 A.D. + 1 A.D. + 2 B.C.


BB 21 E (1) Pelichet 47 heavy base with hole picked thru; ARS CW 197; ITS?; CC PW & TW beaker; Tarraconensis Dr. 2/4 amphora rim

--> P0088 Late 2/early 3 + 1 A.D.

BB 24 (Baulk) 2: pale buff PW jug rim.

--> 1/2 A.D.

BB 24 (1) ARS CW 23 B; BG shard, buff PW on inside; CC strap handle

Late 2/early 3 A.D. + ?

BB 24 A (2) ARS CW 196; PP CW G4 cooking pot; pale buff PW strap handle; OCW pot with sl. fl. rim.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + late Repub.

BB 24 C (3) PP CW lid with fl. rim.

--> 1/2 A.D.

--> BB 24 C (4) lt orange PW large flat base, closed form; local CW of Repub. type, anthracite incls; fl. Δ rim.

--> 1/2 A.D. + Repub.

BB 24 D (5) ARS CW 196 base; large heavy pale buff PW strap handle; weathered looking porous buff CW handle.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + ? (Repub.?)

BB 25 (1) ARS FW 14 & 27; Repub. CW.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + Repub. (?)

BB 25 A (2) BG ws of petites ests. type (27 B); Campana A BG, prob. from fish dish; Repub. CW, chip of metallic glaze, black, from base of TW type.

--> 1 A.D. + 3/2 B.C.

--> BB 24 C (4), cont.: rect stamp on ITS base: : brown black glaze on mottled buff FW: more Repub. CW: PP CW

--> 1st ½ 1 A.D.; 2 B.C.

BB 24/25 A (2) Handle of Dr 1 amphora; same fabric appears in Dr. 2/4 already seen; base of BG bowl.

3/2 B.C., amphora cd be later Repub, not later than Augustan.


BB 24/25 A (5) Lt. orange PW strap handle looks early Roman for sure, otherwise mottled fabric BG fish dish; Ca A chip; Ca B, slipped one side only; PP CW G4; heavy CW wm jar, as PP fabric with crystals & chip of gold pyrite.

--> Strap handle & wm jar suggest 1/2 A.D.

BG and G4 jar suggest 3 B.C.


BB 24/25 A (6) Fairly wide plain base of closed form in pale buff PW.

--> Most likely "early Roman"; i.e., 1/2 A.D.

No, best dated with (2) & (5), above.

July 13, 1987

CUN 238, cont.

AA 25 F CUN 238 C (9) PP CW pot with hi vert. rim. This layer was blocked off by a wall, Charles says. There are no joins with the other CUN 238 layers, and the pcs. are different – most esp., Repub. TW beakers (2), which are incredibly thin.

+ 3 pcs of ITS; hemisph. bowl, bowl with Δ rim; Haltern 2 – (cup), with spectacles; metallic glaze TW; ARS CW chip (23 B); chips of misc. BG; CW cking pot with neck & rolled rim (heavy lime accrets); large PW basin with heavy knobbed rim; ER jugs with rims vertical & beveled in:

2/1 B.C. + 1st ½ 1 A.D. +

P0112 – 114. ; P0132

N.B.: join to P0064, AA 23 C (4)

July 14, 1987.

BB 24 C (1)

Orange PW jar with knobbed rim, extr. worn.

Pro bably ER (1/2 A.D.).

JF. July 13, 1987

AA 25 F CUN 238

Pottery is in layers (7), (9) and B (9), & (8) &B (7)

4 catalogued BG pcs have joins from all three layers;

P0100, P0102, P0107 and P0110.

P0104 joins (9) and B (9)

P0101 “ “ “ “

P0108 joins (7) and B (9)

The cuniculus should probably be considered as one context, therefore.

AA 25 F CUN 238 (7)

BG = fan-shaped wine mixing bowl, glaze in only (P0108): "Kylix"(?), no trace of handle, in poor quality brown glaze, "M" in center (P0107); fish dish with dropped rim, measle spot wear (P0103): 2 exx of elegant BG form with dropped rim (P0110) +. Phil's huge G4 cking pot (P0121).

Other wares incl. a plain OCW lid that looks like a proto ARS CW 196, but has gold mica and plentiful black incls! 3 exx. of G4 Repub. cking pots.

Greco-Italic amphora (unfam. coarse fabric).

Cylindrical orange PW amph. with ball base.

Heavy PW "unguentarium" broken at neck.

AA 25 F CUN 238 B (7) CW pcs incl. large basin; PW pot with flared rim. All have gold mica.

AA 25 F CUN 238 B (9) joins to buff PW pot & "196" lid; another "196" lid; red glaze on buff fabric handle may be oxygen – bG; 2 G4 pot bases; P0111 pw jug with Δ horiz. rim.

2 Dr. 2/4 amphoras; overfired cylind. African amph. with handle on body; Greco-Italic rim (P0095): African RA with hollow foot; heart stamps; tiny pce of Repub. rim with cream slip; P0102 large shallow red fabric BG bowl; 4 large palmettes.

AA 25 F CUN 238 (8) Pce of floor of P0110 fish plate.

238 (9) BG P0104 bowl; P0100 bowl; P0101 large mixing bowl with curved rolled handles; More OCW lid P0093; African amphora & Dr. 2/4 amphora + CW lid & cking pot with fl. rim, gold mica.

P0105 deep brown BG bowl, no stamp.

P0106 BG bowl, horiz. rim, heart stamps.

Interesting contexts for Walt

JF July 13, 1987

Z 25 E (8) G4 pot (2/1 B.C.); wm CW jar with dropped rim; cking pot with Δ rim; BG ws of 3 B.C.; bowl with flared wall as 1 B.C.

P0157, P0158, P0159

--> Date is Repub., 3/2/1 B.C. Latest date uncertain.

Z 25 E CUN 331 (9) G4 pots; BG strap (looks like Campana B) handle; very rough Dr. 2/4 handle (Koan; lime deposit).

join with P0157, above.

--> Date is Republican, 3/2 B.C.

JF July 14, 1987

BB 21 S (2) wide coarse version of ARS FW 3B; local PP copy of 197 form; red FW cup with low flange, as ITS imitation; CC PW and TW of 1/2 A.D.; incls. horiz. rim of sack-shaped jug; PW jug with hollow rim & ridged strap handle; wide Gl rim with 2 ridges at rim outer edge, not hooked; PW bowl? with sharp carinated shoulder, wall curves in. P0115-16 Lots of lime accretions.

--> Cross-section, very consistent, of pottery of 1 and 2 A.D.

Date is end 2 +.

BB 21 E (2) PW ws with wavy combing; large (2exx) version of Gl A CW wm jar with hooked rim; join with CC TW base from BB 21 S (2); ARS FW Form 14; ARS CW 197, 196, 23 B; red FW hemisph. bowl, imit. of ITS?; base of Pél. 47 amphora; PW wm jar with wide horiz. rim, jug with bead rim; lightly ridged strap handles (1 cc); eleg. PP CW version of Sutri sack-shaped jar.

P0117 – P0120

--> Wavy combing is 5 A.D.+; otherwise layer is fairly consistently late 2/early 3 A.D.

BB 21 E (4) ARS FW 8 A; CW 23 B and bifid "G" rim bowl; TW metallic glaze rouletted hemisph. poculum; + unslipped TW; PW & CC PW, incl. sack-shaped jar rim; PW basin with double-rolled rim; CW Gl A wm jar with hooked rim; tiny S-rim lid + 2 unusual ck pots with flared rim; solid Tarraconensis amphora toe.

P0122 ‑ P0125

--> Late date end 2/early 3 A.D.: material consistently of ER date (1/2 A.D.)

BB 21 E (5) 332 ARS FW 8 A (same as in BB 21 E (4); ARS CW 196; Repub. TW, CC PW; pale buff PW jugs; Knidian (Hellenistic) amphora handle + 2 BG wss; Pél 47 amphora handle spring; Gl A PP CW, wm jar with hooked rim, ridged;

P0126 – P0129.

--> Late date late 2/early 3 A.D. with addition of c. 2 B.C. ?? (amphora stamp should be datable).

(classic ARS CW, not P0122)

BB 21 E (5) DRN 334 ARS CW 196 base & "G" bifid rim; metallic red gloss on hemisph. bowl; glazed TW; CC PW; buff PW incl. sack shaped jug with wm horiz. rim, strap handle; PP CW, 3 lids, 3 pots; BG ws, "Repub" TW red/dark;

P0130 – 31

--> Late date at least 2 A.D., most pots ER (1/2 A.D.) + Campana B B.G., etc. of 2? B.C. (not earlier).

JF July 15, 1987

Y 20 J (1) ARS CW 23 B; buff PW wide base flared rim & strap handle of jug; ER CW pot rims; amphora stopper round cut from PW amphora; DR. 2/4 handle; Δ amphora rim, as Dressel 20, very worn.

--> Consistent late 2/early 3 A.D.

Y 20 N (1) ARS CW 196 rim, with early coloring at rim.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

Y 20 N (2) small version of ITS G43; CC TW; G4 pot rim; tiny pot rim (CW); wear/fabric looks Repub.

--> mid 1 A.D.: "Repub." P0133

Y 20 N (3) PW basin with double roll at rim.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D. P0134

--> Y 20 W (1) ITS chip; rouletted TW metallic glaze chip; CC PW; PW jar with twisted handle; wet-smoothed OCW pot rim, flared, squared; red CW jug with bead rim.


--> mid 1 A.D.

--> Y 20 W (1) ARS CW 196 rim; possible (?) Pél 47 amphora rim; more of P0135; thick pink PW with worn BG in; pale buff brick fabric basin with knobbed rim.

P0136 – P0137

--> Adds late 2/early 3 A.D. + "Repub."

(join Y 20 W (1))

Y 20 W (2) more of P0136 rim; ARS CW 196 rim; ARS FW 9 B mini bowl; PP CW pot of recurred rim type; more of wet-smoothed OCW pot from Y 20 W (1); smaller amph. rim of Pél 47 type; double rolled handle as of tiny Dr 2/4; extr. large CW red strap handle of jug with tiny bead rim from Y 20 W (1); CC PW, prob. all from 1 vessel; 2 ITS chips; Campana A chip; red gloss FW chips; CW peg leg; glazed TW beaker; Gl CW jar rim; red CW jug from Y 20 W (1) has very large strap handle in this layer, join; elegant PW glob. pot with bad base.

--> mixed; late date late 2/early 3 A.D. + 1st ½ 1 A.D. + "Repub."

P0138 – P0143

Y 21 J (1) Very worn (chemically) pcs: double rolled handle frag; 3 OCW rims, 2 fl., 1 beveled.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

Y 21 J (2) ARS CW 196 rim (classic); base as Lamboglia 27 B in Campana A (?); PW jar with heavy rounded rim; double rolled amphora handle (not related to same in layer (1).

--> Very mixed, late 2/early 3 A.D. + ER + 2 B.C.

Y 21 J (3) ARS CW 196 rim (classic, see layer (2)); CW small amphora with banded rim; BG La 27 B (?) rim chip; pale buff PW rim of sack-shaped jug; CW peg leg; CC PW and TW; "Repub." CW pot base with near vertical wall.

P0144 – 45

--> Very mixed, late 2/early 3 A.D. + ER + 2 B.C.

Y 21 N (2) ARS 196 rim; Pelichet 47 amphora; TW beaker, CC ex and in, oblique pignole, fl. rim.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + 1 A.D.

join to Y 21 J (3) & Y 20 W (2)


Y 21 U (W. wall of mosaic room).

ITS chips, metallic glaze rough-cast TW; reduced NA amphora; pale buff PW; Campana B platter rim; G4 pot rim.

--> mid 1 A.D. + 2 B.C.


Y 21 U (1) BG Campana B chip; late BG bowl with fl. wall; ITS chip; base & rim of "Repub" red/black unglazed TW; narrow flat CW base with steep wall, PW curved strap handle.


--> 1st ½ 1 A.D.: 1 B.C.: 2 B.C.

Y 21 S (6)

heavy PW basin with double-rolled rim, more of P0134 from

Y 20 N (3)

--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

Y 23 H (6) Sutri sack-shaped pot (1 A.D.?); very early Repub. cream slipped G4 rim (2 B.C.?); Lt. orange CW pipe? with rolled rim.

--> 1 A.D., 2 B.C.

Y 25 B/C (1) ARS CW 197 and 196 rims; CC PW; pale buff PW jug rims; CC TW base; Campana B BG base frag.; double-rolled handle of amphora.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + 1 A.D. + 2 B.C.

Y 25 B/C (2) ARS CW 196 base, classic; 26 bowl rim; CC TW; pale buff PW rim of sack-shaped jar; PP CW lid with arrow rim.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + 1 A.D.

Y 25 B (3) ITS chip

--> 1 A.D.

Y-Z 25 (1) ARS CW 196 rim & 26 rim; ARS FW 8/9 base; smoothed PW globular pots; BG chipette.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. + ER, 1/2 A.D.


Y 25 P (1) CC PW ws; lt. orange PW closed form with base ring.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

W 20 L (1) CC PW; PP CW lid rim; lt. orange CW jug? with banded rim.

--> 1 A.D. attested

T 18 C (1) Jug/amphora rim, thin, stepped, possibly African; reduced black CW pad base; orange small footring base; he avy wall shard with round handle spring, fabric as Dr. 20.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D. P0153

T 18 H (2) curved strap handle, black ex, red fabric.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

Z 21-22 E (2) CC TW PW matte red closed form

--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

Z 21/22 E (3) excellent Pélichet 47 handles in typical fabric; double rolled amphora handle; African amphora rim; ARS CW 196, 23 B; 2 A.D. ARS bases; ITS chips incl. hemisph. bowl; TW & CC PW; PP CW wn jar with wide rim; buff PW strap handle.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. very clearly attested + 1 A.D.


Z 21-22 J (1) ARS CW 196 (2x) and 197: Dressel 20 rim; small bead rim on Pél 47: hollow orange pointed toe; Gl A jar with eleg. angle hook under rim; lid with rim rolled up


--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. very clearly attested + ER 1/2 A.D.

Z 21-22 J (2) pale buff PW tiny jug with sl. dropped rim.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

Z 21-22 N (1) ARS FW 27; CC PW jug with wide pad base; ITS chip; red half of double rolled amphora handle; PP CW lid with arrow rim; Pél 47 amphora base.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. well attested + ER, 1 A.D.

Z 21-22 N (2) CC TW + "Campana A" BG, La. 27 base & ws of bowl.

--> 1 A.D. & c. 200 B.C.

Z 21-22 N (3) ARS CW 196 (4x); 197; PW sack-shaped jug with horiz. rim; tiny paint dish; peg leg; heavy oval red CW amphora handle, buff slip.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. well-attested

Z 21-22 R (1) ARS CW 197 (2x); 195 bowl with dropped rim; ARS 2 A.D. FW ws; CC PW ws; pale buff PW pad base of (2x) --> jug/jar; peg leg; chip of double rolled amphora handle; solid toe of orange African amphora; CC TW rough-cast; CC PW rim of sack-shaped jug.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. well-attested; + ER, 1/2 A.D.

JF July 17, 1987

Z 21-22 R (2) This is a layer with lots of pottery, broken up into small pieces. ARS FW 27, 14, closed form wss; 3 B; ! ARS tsc C 50 A rim; ARS CW 23 B (5x); ARS CW 194 casserole 196 (10x); 197 (5x = 3); mini 197 imit? or not BT; Turkish micac. amphora rim; quantities of pale buff PW jugs, incl. twisted handle as P0135, sack-shaped jug with strap handle & bead rim; (c. 5 exx); BG Campana A bowl with fl. rim, white paint in; La 27 B; PW glob. pot with oblique paint lines ex; buff PW sack-shaped jugs (4+x) (incl. another twisted handle); quantities of ITS incl. 2 & 3-line rectangular stamps; Gl A pot; peg leg; Sutri sack-shaped pot; rolled long curved lateral handle; pot with wide curved down rim; orange CW small jug/amphora with double-rolled handle; 2 pw basin rims; PPW in quantity, sack-shaped jars & 1 ex of carinated bowl with Δ rim; (red, orange, black ∨ ); heavy brick fabric basin with dropped rim; Dr. 2/4 Campanian amphora with stubby solid toe; great variety of TW, Repub. – mid 1 A.D. Pél 47 rims (2x); Dr. 2/4 pw handle; Tarraconensis rim; "star" amphora handle, bent:

P0162-81 & -86 – P0190

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D. very clearly attested + ER 1/2 A.D. + a few Repub. pcs from 3/2 and 1 B.C.

Z 21-22 R (3) (see above)

JF July 27, 1987

Z 21-22 R (4) Many parallels and a few joins to R (3), but in Augustan and earlier material, esp. ITS. TW of unglazed "Repub" type, PP CW, PW and BG. Amphoras incl. Dressel 1, Dressel 2/4 in Campanian fabric; Greco-Italic and solid NA carrot toe: BG incls. La. 27 B; BG Campana A bowl with white paint line at rim in. + ARS CW "G" bowl with bifid rim (semi-classic fabric).

--> Late date evidently Augustan + variety of Repub. from c. 3 B.C.

+ amphora handle, decreasing downward, with 3 grooves down back, looks like Dr 7-11(?); BG bowl with single round stamp in base, radiating lines.

JF July 22, 1987

See above for Z 21-22 E (3)

Z 21-22 E (5) 4 chips: ITS rim, PP CW rim (bead rim); CC TW.

--> 1/2 A.D., 1st half 1 A.D. strongly indicated.

Z 21-22 E (6) Campana B BG chip + Ca A chip: ITS chip; TW: PW from jug and bowl – handle – strap doubled in curve: pipelike jug or amphora rim; PP CW orange lid rim.

--> 1 A.D. strongly indicated, + 2 B.C.

Z 21-22 E (10) brown matte glaze orange fabric BG chip; local red fabric Dre. 2/4 amphora handle.

--> 1 B.C./1 A.D.

Z 21-22 E (10) CUN 331 Pithy NA or Mauretenian hollow toe of large red amphora: proto ARS CW "G" bifid-rim pan: complete wm 1-handle PW jug as in CUN 238.


--> contemporary with CUN 238, Repub., but exact date uncertain.

U 20 B (4) ARS CW 197 (lots of lime accrets); Repub. black, reduced banded rim; BG Campana B ws.

P0193 (ARS 197)

--> late 2/early 3 A.D. + 2 B.C.

U 20 B (5) more of P0193; ARS CW 197 (lots of lime accrets); brown Ca. B BG; PW (lt. orange) jar/jug with sl. fl. rim:

--> late 2/early 3 A.D. + 2 B.C.

U 20 B (6) more of P0193

--> late 2/early 3 A.D.

July 24, 1987

Y 21 TNK 214 (1)

Amphora in fabric like Roman brick fabric; amphora with banded rim (Dr. 7/11?): ATS ws of wp; very pale orange fabric, eleg. red glaze: PP CW Gl jar; glazed TW ws.

--> 1/2 A.D.

Y 21 TNK 214 (13) Greco-Italic amphora as P0201-P0202 from CUN 238; "Repub" unglazed TW, 1 ws with black surface and all-over rouletting; micaceous orange fabric, slipped smooth red in; very unusual red glaze flat base of bowl; PW jug rim, slipped in, looks Hellenistic; PP CW enormous lid with rim rolled up. P0220 – P0223

--> 2/1 B.C., 1 A.D. possible

cont. from above JF. July 24, 1987

AA 19/20 R (3) (CONT.) + 26

ARS CW 197, 196; ARS FW closed form wss; Pompeian red ware dish with rolled rim; Flavian cucurbitulum; ITS, both Augustan and mid 1 A.D., incl. hemisph. bowl: closed color-coated form with oblique & vertical swirring ridges ex; more of amphora rim (P ) in "Tarraconensis" fabric; a variety of TW with no slip ("Repub.") + 1 glazed beaker rim; PW with red slip in (= red common ware BG?): 4 wss of BG reduced to dk. gray, brown slip in; BG bowl with banded rim; PW sack-shaped jars (2+) & jug; soft lt brown extremely coarsely made body of cucurbitulum?: mostly classic PP CW in lids, glob. pot & sack-shaped pot: CW bowl with bifid rim may be reduced/burned ARS CW. Small glob. cking pot has hole drilled in wall.

P0205 ‑ P0213; join to P0187 in Z 21/22 R (2)

+ ?, drawn by RA.

--> Late date late 2/early 3 A.D., but mainly extent of 1 A.D. + late 3/2 and 1 B.C.

AA 18 W (2) ARS CW 197; color-coated sack-shaped jug with ridged dec = P0207 above; PW sack-shaped jug; metallic glaze TW

poculum (several x); PW basin with thin horiz. rim projecting in: rolled curved handle of amphora, hard red fabric.


cont. from above -->

BB 21 E (2) DRN 334

more of Campanian Dr. 2/4 amphora (shoulder): ARS CW 196 rim; Campana C BG shard; burnt ESB2; floor of Gl jar; more of arrow rim lid; more of irid. glaze TW beaker!

cf. above.

BB 21 E (5) DRN 334: ARS CW 23 B; 196 rim with no BT; TW glazed beaker/poculum with pignola dec: Dre 2/4 handle, orange fabric cream slip; more of CC bowl with incurved rim from layer (2); 2 CW pots – 1 globular with long neck and curved dropped rim; 1 carinated wm jar with narrow horiz. rim.

P0215 ‑ P0216.

Dates for these, see above.

JF July 24, 1987

cont. from above.

BB 24 C (4) Brown glaze bowl (very spotty): black G4 CW pot rim: brown and buff CW that may be Repub.; horiz. rim of PP CW wm jar/pot, not partic. early (i.e., most likely 1 A.D.

--> 1 A.D., 2 B..C.

BB 24 C (5) Poor quality brown BG; coarse sandy proto ARS CW in flat dish with bead rim, groove in rim top; ESB, black, very worn & soft, JH says Hadrianic!; G4 repub. pot rim; eleg. unslipped "Repub" TW; unguentarium wall chip, red slip in; brown Repub. CW; eleg. fine lt orange TW PW carinated jug rim.

--> Late date is ESB in black, JH says Hadrianic. This context has nothing else nec. later than 1 B.C.


BB 24 C (6) Sandy brown Pompeian red ware, plain beveled rim: join to

P0218 ESB; heavy solid dark orange, yellow buff slip amphora toe.

--> Late date is black ESB, 1st ½ 2 A.D.; 1 A.D. PR.

BB 21 E (5) DOL 333 (see above)

ARS CW 23 B rim + 1 B.C. Lamb. form bowls with fl. wall, poor quality BG in "Roman D" and Ca. B (?). Hellenistic buff porous CW.

--> Late 2/3 A.D., and 1 B.C.

Y 21 TNK 214 (14) cont. from above.

Rouletted "Repub" unglazed red/black TW; strap handle of CW pot.

1/2 A.D. + 1 B.C. (handle cd be earlier).

Y 23 BRC 189 – A (15) Repub TW dusky brown beaker with sl. flared rim; rim of Repub TW beaker with recurved wall (same form in CUN 238; heavy brown glaze ws of wide bowl;

--> 2/1 B.C. P0224

(see above) Y 21 N (8) G43 ITS dish/cup (all fresh breaks): PP CW lid with asymm knob; glob pot with sl curved vertical rim; G4 pot rim; Repub unglazed TW, recurved rim; light orange PW; red CC jug, neck only. Pigment bowl with fluorescent orange & pink pigment in. Dr. 1 amphora handle

--> 1 A.D. (1st ½ - mid); 2/1 B.C. P0225–P0227

( + another pce of TW bowl in Y 21 TNK 214 (14))

Y 21 N (10) join with P0223, Y 21 TNK 214 (13), Greco-Italic amphora: flat brown glaze dish, soft but not micaceous fabric (id uncertain); ITS Haltern 1 rim; orange CW glob pot with narrow horiz. rim, dusky red surfaces ex and in; peg leg with flat attached floor; TW PW with elegant feather rouletting, corniced rim poculum; rim chip of odd red bowl P0221; G1 wm jar rims; lids in plain and CW; extremely eleg flared orange PW jug rim; tiny flat-based unguentarium; chipped round operculum; l ots of "Repub" unglazed CW, with rouletting and spines, etc.

Join to Y 21 N (8) P0228 – P0238 + P0239

--> Latest certain date is Augustan, may be early Augustan:

otherwise 1 B.C., probably not 2 B.C.

N.B.: P0224 Y 23 BRC 189 – A (15) joins Y 21 TNK 214 (13)

Y 21 W (9) Same form as P0229 in Y 21 N (10), red gloss (ITS??) ws: TW rouletted "Repub" ws; orange PW jug rim; orange CW glob. pot with wide shoulder, vertical rim.

--> early 1 A.D. + 1 B.C. (as other Y 21, etc. in lower layers)

P0240 – P0241

Y 21 W (10) More of Repub. TW P0237 and P0238, more of P0221, Y 21 TNK 214 (13), join (Repub TW) to Y 21 W (9); join to P0238, Y 21 N (10); lids: very smooth shiny PW vessel which is carinated, extr. mysterious.


--> end 1 B.C. + P0221 (red flat-bottom dish).

NB: P0238 joins Y 21 TNK 214 (14) + Y 21 N (10) + Y 21 W (10)

JF July 25, 1987

Z 21-22 R (3) ARS FW burnt 8 A rim & 2 A.D. bowl base: ARS CW 196 (8x), 197 (2x), 23 B, G rim (bifid) bowl; + casserole with narrow horiz. rim; ITS, mo stly Augustan, incl. molded goblet + G43: Pompeian red pan with narrow horiz. rim; closed form ARS FW wss; extremely misc. BG, 3/2 and 1 B.C.; color-coated sack-shaped jar/jugs; a lot of unglazed "Repub" TW; buff and lt. orange PW, incl. plant pot, PP and other CW; tarraconensis amph. of fake double handle type: Dr. 2/4 Campanian orange PW with vertical rim, buff slip; orange CW with white clip; large opercula cut from Dr 7/11 (?); extr. micaceous brown CW amph shoulder; NA red amphora, cream slip, handle stub; hollow greenish fired NA amph toe; heavy "brick" fabric (PW with grog) solid carrot toe; brick fabric basin.

P0243 –

--> Late date late 2/early 3 A.D. some 2, some late 1/early 2, some possible 1, but very little, lots of 1 B.C. to Augustan; a few, but not many, Hellenistic pcs. (3/2/1). + Campanian Dr 1; amphora with pointed angle handle + ITS stamped base.

Z 21-22 B (2) Pale buff PW sack-shaped jar/jug; CC PW; chip of CC TW; Campana C BG ws; another pce of orange CW amphora with double rolled handle, fl. bead rim (RA is drawing it).

--> ER, 1/2 A.D. + 1 B.C.

Z 21-22 W (2) ITS rim of CUP with corniced rim, related to G43; CC PW and TW incl. metallic glaze on PW; pale buff PW jug base; Repub. CW rim.

--> 1/2 A.D. + "Repub."

Z 21/22 E (4) BRC 332: Mixed: rim & wall of plant pot, Augustan lamp, "Repub" unglazed TW ws; BG ws of 2 B.C.

--> 1/2 A.D. + "Repub." ("Plant pots" are characteristic of late site, c. 2 A.D. +).

Z 21–22 E (5) BRC 332: Orange PW plant pot


--> 1/2 A.D.

Z 25 E (10) CUN 331 Morel's "Roman D" BG, rim of bowl similar to those in CUN 238.

T 18 B (2)

ITS ws; Campana C BG ws; orange PW strap handle; solid toe amphora of sandy CW (looks like LR 1 fabric, but isn't); Brown CW Dr. 2/4 with st eep shoulder; flared rim of Dr. 7/11 (?); Dr. 2/4 handle; incred. dk red fabric, as Tarraconensis?, with bead rim, horned handle with groove down back, possibly imit. double handles.

P0276 – P0277 [5 amphoras = 5 fabrics]

--> A mphora context, ER, 1/2 A.D. + 1 B.C. BG.

T 18 B (3) ARS FW 9A; trefoil jug with conical neck, glob. body: CW lid with ring "base"; distinctive burnt amphora in an African (?) fabric.

P0278 – P0281

--> 2 A.D. + 1/2 A.D.

T 18 H (1) PW oval handle & worn, prob. Repub. CW rim.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D. + "Repub."

T 18 Y (2) Small Dr. 2/4 handle; ITS chip; plant pot base, red CW, with remains of 3 holes.

--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

T 18 X (3) ITS with rouletted hemisph. rim; PP CW lid with asymm. knob; Pompeian red bowl with bead rim; glazed TW ws; oval orange PW amphora handle.


--> ER, 1/2 A.D.

T 18 Z (4) Pot which makes no sense, manuf. reminiscent of plant pots, 2 large pcs do not join.

T 18 Z (6) more of pot in (4), above and ARS CW 197.

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D.

Y 21 U (6) ITS rim and chip (G43 ?); "Repub" TW unglazed beveled poculum rim; PP CW lid with square rim (plain); orange PW ws, very fine: amphora ws, unid.

--> Typical of 1st ½ 1 A.D., ITS prob. not earlier than 30 A.D.

Y 21 U (7) Great contrast to layer (6). AU FW is BG: Petites estamp. base, closed form ws with handle spring and Campana B rim with double groove, possibly Lamboglia 1. Lichen-clad PW and CW; Possible 1-handled jug (?).

--> Late 2/early 3 B.C., but LA 1 may be 1 B.C. (??), not earlier than 2nd ½ 2 B.C.

Y 21 U (8) Greco-Italic amphora rim.

--> c. 2 B.C.

JF July 27, 1987

Y 21 N (7) join with Y 21 U (7), under mosaic floor. Also same BG closed form as in Y 21 U (7) Flared NA amphora rim with ridge on rim ex; extr. CW white basin/mortar rim.

3/2 B.C. indicated by fine wares.

Y 21 BRC 351 (1) CW amphora with narrow shoulder; G4 pot rim (earlyish); ws of closed form BG, join to Y 21 N (7).

3/2 B.C. indic. by fine wares.

Note joins between Y 21 U (7), N (7) and BRC 351 (1).

T 18 Z cleanup – ARS CW 197 rim

--> Late 2/early 3 A.D.

Joann Freed


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