Welcome to the web site documenting the excavation of two suburban villas and a Late Antique granary/barn 14 kms. directly east from the center of Rome. The goal of this research, directed by Walter Widrig and Philip Oliver-Smith, was to shed light on the economic and social changes which took place from the Republic through the Imperial era in the immediate area of the ancient Via Gabina. Rice University of Houston, Texas, was the sponsor of the project and with Walter Widrig holds the copyright to the following materials. However, it is meant for all those who share an interest in the history of Rome to have free internet access to this report. The records from the excavations consisting of Notebooks, Catalogues, Plans and Drawings are all available to the public as archival materials of Fondren Library, Rice University, Houston, Texas. Copies of many of these items are also kept in the Library of the British School at Rome.

The license for digging was issued as a private concession to the directors of the excavations by the Italian Government as overseen by and in association with the Soprintendenza alle Antichità di Roma (see “Acknowledgements”).



Chapter 1: Sites 10 & 11
In Context

Chapter 2: Site 10 Villa
General Information

Chapter 3: Site 10 Villa
Residential Rooms

Chapter 4: Site 10 Villa
Industrial Rooms

Chapter 5: Site 10
The Horreum or Barn

Chapter 6: Site 11 Villa
General Information

Chapter 7: Site 11 Villa
Residential Rooms

Chapter 8: Site 11 Villa
Industrial Rooms

Chapter 9: Site 13 Villa?

Chapter 10: Speculations

Plans and Reconstructions

Site 10: Decorative Elements

Mosaic Floors

Oecus Emblema

Mosaic Vaults or Wall Niches

Mosaic & Opus Sectile Floors

Opus Sectile Floors

Marble Identification

Fresco Wall Decoration

Campana Reliefs

Lamps & Terracottas

Glass Vessels & Objects

Faience & Rock Crystal

Worked Bone

Brick Stamps

The Metalwork

Human Skeletons

Faunal Remains


Site 10/80 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/81 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/82 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/83 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/84 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/85 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/86 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/87 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/88 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10/89 Provisional Pottery Summary

Site 10: Pottery Profiles

Site 10 Amphora Analysis

Site 10: Amphora Profiles

Site 11 Pottery Summary

Site 11 Italo-Megarian Bowls

Site 11 Black Glaze Report

Site 11 Black Glaze Profiles

Site 11 Thin-Walled Pottery

Site 11 Italian Terra Sigillata

Site 11 African Red Slip Pottery

Site 11 Fine Ware Pottery

Site 11 Plain Ware Pottery

Site 11 Plain Ware (Special)
Pottery Profiles

Site 11 Coarse Ware Pottery

Site 11 Amphora Profiles

Donors and Supporters

Field Work and Recording

List of Illustrations

The Tor Angela on the Vaselli Tenuta (Medieval 13th Century A.C.)
Site 10 in 1985 during Excavation with the Newly Founded Suburb of Tor Bella Monaca to the West
Site 11 in 1978 during Excavation
An Above-Ground Section of the Aqua Alexandriana (Early 3rd Century A.C.)
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