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H.H. The Khedive Watching the Levelling
Creator: unknown     Date: 1906
Halberd and Spear for Lion Hunting, Time of the Fatimites
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Hand-book for travellers in Egypt; including descriptions of the course of the Nile to the second cataract, Alexandria, Cairo, the pyramids, and Thebes, the overland transit to India, the peninsula of Mount Sinai, the oases, &c. Being a new edition, corrected and condensed, of "Modern Egypt and Thebes" [Electronic Version]
Creator: Wilkinson, John Gardner, Sir, 1797-1875     Date: 1847
A handbook for travellers in Lower and Upper Egypt [Electronic Version]
Creator: John Murray (Firm)     Date: 1888
Hands and Feet stained with Hhen'na
Creator: Lane, E. W. (Edward William), 1801-1876     Date: 1836
Hassan in Egypt [Electronic Version]
Creator: McDonald, Etta Austin Blaisdell, 1872- ; Dalrymple, Julia     Date: 1915
Hawking of the Heron
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Herd of Asses
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Herdsman in the Desert
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
History through the Stereoscope: Stereoscopy and Virtual Travel
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2006-10-31T03:04:02Z
Horned Cattle driven through the Water
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
Horse Race
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878
How Women Carry Their Children in Upper Egypt.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1911
Huts and Household Companions of the Fellaheen
Creator: unknown     Date: 1878