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The city of the caliphs; a popular study of Cairo and its environs and the Nile and its antiquities [Electronic Version]
Creator: Reynolds-Ball, Eustace A. b. 1857? (Eustace Alfred)     Date: 1898
Colossal Statue of Ramses II at the Ramesseum
Creator: unknown     Date: 1905
Compiling a Bibliography: What else has Douglas Sladen written?
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders     Date: 2006-10-12T10:14:26Z
Conducting Historical Research: The Case of "Oriental Cairo"
Creator: David Getman Paula Sanders     Date: 2006-10-23T10:00:33Z
A Confederate Soldier in Egypt [Electronic Version]
Creator: Loring, William Wing, 1818-1886     Date: 1884
Cook's tourists' handbook for Egypt, the Nile, and the Desert [Electronic Version]
Creator: Thomas Cook Ltd. [Corporate author]     Date: 1897
Cyprus: historical and descriptive. From the earliest times to the present day. [Electronic Version]
Creator: Loher, Franz von, 1818-1892     Date: 1878
De Lesseps.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1884
The Earl of Cromer
Creator: unknown     Date: 1906
The economy of late antique Cyprus [Electronic Version]
Creator: Papacostas, Tassos     Date: 2001
Egypt and the Sûdân; handbook for travellers [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl     Date: 1914
Egypt through the stereoscope : a journey through the land of the Pharaohs [Electronic Version]
Creator: Breasted, James Henry, 1865-1935     Date: 1908
Egypt through the Stereoscope: Stereography and Virtual Travel
Creator: Lisa Spiro     Date: 2007-12-21T10:11:04Z
Egypt, handbook for travellers.Pt. 1. Lower Egypt, with the Fayum and the peninsula of Sinai [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl     Date: 1885
Egypt, handbook for travellers: part second, upper Egypt, with Nubia as far as the second cataract and the western oases [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl     Date: 1892
EGYPT. Tombs of the Memlook Kings, At Cairo
Creator: Unknown     Date: n.d.
Egypt: Ancient Sites and Modern Scenes [Electronic Version]
Creator: Maspero, Gaston     Date: 1910
Egypt: descriptive, historical, and picturesque [Electronic Version] ; Aegypten in Bild und Wort
Creator: Bell, Clara, 1834-1927 (Translator)     Date: 1887
Egypt: handbook for travellers [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl     Date: 1898
Egypt: handbook for travellers [Electronic Version]
Creator: Baedeker, Karl     Date: 1908
The Egyptian "Expedition"
Creator: Unknown     Date: 1885
Egyptian Pharoah in a War-Chariot, Warrior, and Horses.
Creator: unknown     Date: 1884
The Egyptian puzzle
Creator: Unknown     Date: 1885
The Egyptian Red Book
Creator: unknown     Date: 2006-09-22T14:57:13Z
The Egyptian Red Book
Creator: Stronach, George,; d. 1915; Halkett, George R.; 1855-1915 (George Roland)     Date: 1885
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