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The directors of the Via Gabina Villa Excavations owe much of the success of the project to both individuals and institutions. We wish to give special thanks to the following:
The Soprintendenza alle Antichità di Roma and its director, Professor Adriano La Regina; the then inspector, Dr. Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri, for her continuing help even after the close of field work.
Professor John Ward Perkins, then director of the British School at Rome and the School's later director, Dr. David Whitehouse; also Dr. M. Aylwin Cotton.
The American Academy in Rome and especially Professor Frank Brown.
Rice University's then Dean of Humanities, Allen Matusow.
All the many contributors to the various sections of this final report.

The donors and the actual digging and recording participants in the excavations as listed in the sections titled "Donors and Supporters" and "Field Work and Recording Participants".

Finally, Dr. Lisa Spiro, the director of the Rice University Digital Media Center, and the staff and many student workers who made it possible for this report to appear online.      

Given the length in years of the project and the time it has taken for final publication, several of the persons acknowledged above have passed on:
Professor John Ward Perkins; Dr. M. (Molly) Aylwin Cotton; Professor Frank Brown; and a good number of Individual Donors. So too, David Grose, one of the contributors to this report. I mourn them all, but most especially my co-director and friend, Professor Philip Oliver-Smith, who died the fifth of February, 2002.

Walter M. Widrig, Professor Emeritus, Rice University
Co-director of The Via Gabina Villa Excavations
Editor of the Final Report and its major contributor


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