Cook's Nile Itinerary, 1897

This Google Map plots out the Nile routes given in Cook's tourists' handbook for Egypt, the Nile, and the Desert. (London: T. Cook & Son, 1897). For more information about this guidebook, the history of Nile cruises, and the process of creating the Google Map, see The Nile Cruise, 1847 and 1897.

Our Google Map of the 1897 Cook's Nile tour plots sites listed under the following sections in the book's table of contents. Note that the color of the font matches the color used on the map for the route.

The starting point of each itinerary is marked E (for embarkation point), whereas the end of each route is marked D (for debarkation point).

You can compare the Google Map below to a detailed MAP OF COOK'S STEAMER AND DAHABEAH SERVICE ON THE NILE that appeared in the 1897 Cook's guidebook. This map traces the route from Alexandria to Cairo, then along the Nile to the first and second cataracts.